About us

Our history

The idea of starting up the NGO came from a few Norwegians and Swedes having worked in the tourist industry in Tunisia for many years. The founders long relationship with the country, with the tourism industry and with many personal contacts, gave birth to the idea of doing something more.  The tourism industry is an essential economical factor in Tunisia. We believe that other avenues can be opened up for this industry and others to, in a profound way, be a part of development and change for the benefit of Tunisia and the tourism industry as well.



Who are we?

Friends of Tunisia want to build a platform where means and needs can meet and be channeled in to different development projects with local partners. There are many needs but there are also many good local initiative takers and entrepreneurs working to make a difference. Friends of Tunisia want to come alongside these local initiators and build partnerships for an always better future.

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Our mission

Friends of Tunisia’s mission is to connect people, empower initiatives and maximize opportunities. We do this by working alongside local initiators and entrepreneurs within different areas of society, providing support, guidance, expertise and recourses. We see our role as motivator, knowledge and resource mediator and most of all a friend

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Making friends, Empower people, Maximize opportunities

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